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Acupuncture for weight loss

by Raina Tsuda on 05/01/11

Every time I tell someone that I am an acupuncturist, they immediately say, “I heard acupuncture works for weight loss”.  So let us discuss how acupuncture can play a roll in weight loss.

First of all, acupuncture is not the miracle weight loss cure!  Research studies have proven that acupuncture can increase weight loss over the control group and also to supress an appetite leading to weight loss. But acupuncture alone cannot cause weight loss. It takes a strong will and commitment on the part of the patient to agree to lifestyle changes including dietary, exercise and stress reduction.

Every body is different! No one treatment, diet or amount of exercise is right for every body. Each person is an individual therefore each person must figure out what diet is right for them, what nutrients they might be lacking, how much to exercise and what acupuncture treatment protocol is right for them.

The main benefit of adding acupuncture to your weight loss plan is that it addresses both the physiological and psychological causes for weight gain. Physiologically in the Chinese organ system, excess weight is a deficiency of mainly the Spleen organ. The spleen is responsible for digestion and transformation of food into qi (energy) and blood. The signs of a weak Spleen include fatigue, feeling of heaviness, loose stools and sweet cravings. Psychologically, the Liver keeps the qi and blood flowing in the body. So when the Liver is affected by emotional stress, this results in food cravings and stress eating.

Raina Tsuda, L.Ac., offers an individualized, holistic approach to weight loss. It combines acupuncture, massage, nutritional consulting, Chinese herbs and Western supplements, such as digestive enzymes. Weight loss is just one of the benefits with our approach. Other benefits include: increased energy, pain reduction and better overall health.

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