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My philosophy in life is to constantly practice the aloha spirit. Aloha is the Hawaiian word used for hello and goodbye but its literal translation is: alo = in the presence of, ha = breath of life. Living with aloha is the secret to well-being for the people of Hawaii. It is inner knowledge, gained at birth, to be loving and genuine in all interactions with people and nature. Aloha begins with oneself. You have to love yourself and want to heal yourself. When you respect yourself, you begin to heal. If you cannot respect yourself then you cannot heal others. Aloha is living in pono (in balance) with the world; body, mind and soul.

The meaning of Aloha:
"Akahai," meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness;
"Lokahi," meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony;
"Oluolu," meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
"Haahaa," meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty;
"Ahonui," meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.


Our mission is to teach patients that their body has the innate ability to heal itself through living a balanced life.
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